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How leaders can foster a learning culture with Sumit Gupta

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Learning While Working Podcast, Robin chats with Sumit Gupta who coaches leaders to overcome their biggest challenges and to create productive, enriching, and nourishing workplaces. Sumit shares his point of view on how leaders can foster a learning culture within workplaces and how nurturing one-on-one relationships with employees can help build trust and increase the motivation to learn.

Episode Notes

About Sumit Gupta

Sumit, now a leadership coach, comes from 16 years of working in tech companies. He's now moved away from the technical side of things and slowly transitioned his passion for tech to management and leadership. Today he works with leaders from various tech and social organizations to overcome some of the biggest challenges they face in their individual leadership or with managing their teams.

"Learning is the foundation which helps your team to adapt to whatever is coming next. Learning is the foundational element of any team and of any kind of leadership" - Sumit

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